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Willi Nass: Waiting

Willi Nass (Hamburg 1899 - Hamburg 1966)


Lot-No. 230 | Proceeds: 3.300,00 €

Oil/cardboard, 54 x 46 cm, lo. le. sign. a. dat. Nass 49, on the reverse titled. - Hamburg painter, studied at the Hamburg arts school under W. Battermann, H. Kolitz a. E. Eitner, after beginning in New Objectivity he turned to abstraction, in 1937 parts of his oeuvre were seized by the Nazis as "degenerate", after World War II he developed a figurative geometrical style. - Mus.: Hamburg (Museum f. Kunst u. Gewerbe). - Lit.: Heydorn, Der Neue Rump, Bruhns "Kunst in der Krise" a. others.

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