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A large Dehua-figurine Guanyin

A large Dehua-figurine Guanyin

Lot-No. 882 | Proceeds : 5.400,00 €  

China, 19th cent. (Qing-dynasty 1644-1911). White porcelain (Blanc de chine). A large standing figurine of Guanyin, the boddhisatva of compassion, with lotus-branch and blown dress on a base of waves. In the base with rich plastical decoration a dragon with the flaming pearl. The left foot of the Guanyin resting on the dragon"s head. Verso blind embossing Dehua-seal and artist"s mark ("He Chaozong Yin"). H. 60 cm. - He Chaozong was an important Dehua-artist of the early 17th cent. When the Dehua-workshop experienced a revival in the 19th cent., many artists referred to He Chaozong as a ground-breaking pioneer. Also Su Xuejin (1869-1919) and Xu Youyi (1887-1940) used the marks of the old master, in order to express their admiration (See: Ayers, Blanc-de-Chine. Divine images in porcelain, New York 2002, p. 34).

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