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Albert Aereboe: Wounded Amazon

Albert Aereboe (Lübeck 1889 - Lübeck 1970)

Wounded Amazon

Lot-No. 216 | Proceeds : 2.200,00 €  

Oil/artist"s board, 70,5 x 82,5 cm, lo. ri. sign. A. Aereboe, on the reverse dat. a. inscribed 1911 Lübeck. - The painting is inspired by an artwork by Franz von Stuck from 1905. - German landscape a. figure painter, began his training in Berlin before studying at the Munich academy under H. v. Habermann, since 1919 he was lecturer at the Kassel school of applied arts where he became professor in 1923, he also worked in Berlin a. on Sylt, in 1959 he returned to Lübeck. - Mus.: Lübeck, Kiel, Schleswig. - Lit.: Vollmer.

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