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An exceptional doll-house "hinaningyo"

An exceptional doll-house "hinaningyo"

Lot-No. 965 | Proceeds : 1.400,00 €  

Japan, Meiji-period (1868-1912). Lacquered wood and textile materials. Elaborately done and richly decorated miniature architecture with throne. Inside 5 delicately designed dolls. On the upper lever the imperial couple ("O-Dairi-sama" and "O-Hina-sama"). Underneath 3 court ladies dressed in kimonos on small pedestals ("Sannin Kanjo"). These kind of dolls are still exhibited in Japan, every March 3 on the so called "Girls Day" ("Hina Matsuni"), in order to keep evil spirits away. Partly traces of age, 1 doll with broken face. Overall h. 48,5 cm.

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