Catalogue ArchiveNovember 2011 → Gustav Klimt (Baumgarten/Wien 1862 - Wien 1918) - Study for "Die Freundinnen" (Friends)

Gustav Klimt (Baumgarten/Wien 1862 - Wien 1918) - Study for "Die Freundinnen" (Friends)

Study for "Die Freundinnen" (Friends)

Lot-Nr. 231 | Gustav Klimt (Baumgarten/Wien 1862 - Wien 1918)

Study for "Die Freundinnen" (Friends) | Result 40.900 €

Pencil drawing, 45,5 x 31 cm, estate stamp lo. ri., min. discolouration. - Cat. rais.: Strobl III, 2827. We are grateful to Dr. Marian Bisanz-Prakken for the confirmal of authenticity. - Prov.: Estate of Hilde von Lang, managing director and publisher of the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", partner in life of Gerd Bucerius, founder of "Die Zeit" and patron of the arts. - The drawing is a study for the painting "Die Freundinnen", created in 1917. - One of the most eminent artists of art nouveau a. of the Vienna secession, studying at the Vienna school of applied arts and initial successes as history painter he developed into one of the masterminds of art nouveau, his erotically charged female portraits with extensive ornaments made him one of the most sought-after a. most disputed artist of his time, in addition to it one of the early precursors of abstract art. - Mus.: Wien (Belvedere, Wien Museum, Leopold Museum u.a.), New York (MoMA, Neue Gal.), London (Nat.-Gall.), München (Neue Pinakothek), Brüssel (Palais Stoclet), Dresden (Gem.-Gal.), Prag (Nat.-Gal.) a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Marian Bisanz-Prakken, G. K. Kommentiertes Gesamtverzeichnis des malerischen Werkes, 2007, Alice Strobl, G.K., die Zeichnungen, WVZ, 1984 a. others.

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