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Franz Joseph Manskirch: A Forest with Travellers

Franz Joseph Manskirch (Ehrenbreitstein 1768 - Danzig 1830)

A Forest with Travellers

Lot-No. 35 | Proceeds: 3.600,00 €

Oil/wood, 47,5 x 67,5 cm, monogr. lo. le. J: MA: pinx, slightly rest. - Landscape a. portrait painter from a family of artists, son of the landscape painter Bernhard Gottfried M., was in Cologne since 1790, since 1793 in London where he exhibited at the Royal Academy, therafter he worked in the Rhineland on commission of the French empress Josephine, later he moved to Frankfurt a. Danzig, beginning with landscapes in the Dutch tradition like his father he later developed a more romantic style. - Mus.: London (Brit. Mus.), Frankfurt, Bonn, Koblenz, Darmstadt, Graz. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit.

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