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Robert Schmidt-Hamburg: Seascape

Robert Schmidt-Hamburg (Berlin 1885 - Laboe 1963)


Lot-No. 119 | Proceeds : 800,00 €  

Tempera, 31 x 39 cm, sign. lo. ri. R. Schmidt-Hbg. as well as inscribed Laboe, matted a. framed under glass, unopened. - Marine and landscape painter, one of the most important painters of passenger a. merchant shipping of the 1920s a. 1930s. - Mus.: Kiel (Schiffahrtsmus.), Bremerhaven (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmus.) a. others. - Lit.: Vollmer, Der Neue Rump, Meyer-Friese "Der Marinemaler S.-H.", Hormann/Müller "R.S.-H." a. others.

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