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Nicolaus Soltau: Dwelling Mound on Holm Hooge

Nicolaus Soltau (Altona 1877 - Hamburg 1956)

Dwelling Mound on Holm Hooge

Lot-No. 148 | Proceeds : 500,00 €  

Oil/masonite, 80 x 110 cm, sign. lo. ri. N. Soltau. - Landscape painter, apprenticeship as house painter, took lessons at J.v. Ehren, thanks to a scholarship arranged by A. Lichtwark a. L.v. Kalckreuth he studied in Bonn at 1895 at the Munich academy, travelled to Italy, returned to Altona in 1899, travelled to the polar seas in the entourage of emperor Wilhelm II, settled on Hallig Hooge in 1926. - Mus.: Altona. - Lit.: Vollmer, Der Neue Rump, Heydorn, U. Schulte-Wülwer: Föhr, Amrum u. die Halligen in der Kunst.

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