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Marie Hager: The Lüneburg Stintmarkt

Marie Hager (Penzlin 1872 - Burg Stargard 1947)

The Lüneburg Stintmarkt

Lot-No. 31 | Proceeds: 3.100,00 €

Oil/canvas, 75 x 84,5 cm, sign. lo. le. M. Hager, slightly rest. The painting depicts the river Ilmenau, the historical smelt market a. the treadwhell crane, the town"s landmark. - Late impressionist landscape a. architecture painter, studied under E. Bracht, E. Kolbe a. H. Licht, exhibited regularly at the Hamburg, Paris, Berlin, Hannover a. Munich Salons, her paintings often depict characteristic motifs of North German towns. - Mus.: Neubrandenburg, Burg Stargard. - Lit.: Vollmer.

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