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Walter Müller: Lovers II

Walter Müller (Bremen 1901 - Worpswede 1975)

Lovers II

Lot-No. 315 | Proceeds: 27.800,00 €

Ca. 1920, oil/cardboard/fibre board, 70 x 40 cm, lo. le. monogr. WM, on the reverse inscribed 'Eigentum Hans-Hermann Rief Haus am Schluh Worpswede'. - Exhibition: The painting was exhibited: Grosse Kunstschau Worpswede. 75 Rückschau auf 1927, no. 49. - Literature: The painting is published with ill. in: D. Holz: Im Strom der Zeit, 2006, p. 106; B. Küster: Kunstwerkstatt Worpswede, 1989, p. 121. - Provenance: Bernhard Kaufmann, Haus am Weyerberg, Worpswede; Hans-Hermann Rief, Worpswede; private collection Lower Saxony. - German painter and designer. After studying at the Bremen art school he moved to Worpswede in 1919. He worked as architect, mainly in Bremen and made designs for wall hangings in the weaving mill Haus im Schluh in Worpswede. It had been founded by Martha Vogeler, the wife of Heinrich Vogeler; M. was married to Vogelers daughter Bettina. Mus.: Worpswede. Lit.: Vollmer.

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