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Francisco Barón: Amazona al Trote

Francisco Barón (Madrid 1932 - 2006)

Amazona al Trote

Lot-No. 710 | Proceeds : 500,00 €  

Bronze, green patinated, brass base. Base engraved with equestrian scene, inscribed 'AMAZONA AL TROTE', sign. 'Barón', num. Ex. '3/25'. Total height 34 cm. - Provenance: Formerly collection Fritz van Ankum/Imme Reich-van Ankum, owner of Galería Arabal, Alicante. - Spanish sculptor, studied from 1949-1954 at the Art Academy San Fernando in Madrid, fellow in London, Yale and Rhode Island, since 1960 numerous exh. and honors, from the 70s we know especially the multiple mobile and variable sculptures of metal and wood. Lit.: Saur AKL 7, p. 123f; Maria Teresa Ortega Coca: Francisco Baron, 1989.

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