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Fritz Overbeck: In the Moor

Fritz Overbeck (Bremen 1869 - Worpswede 1909)

In the Moor

Lot-No. 299 | Proceeds : 8.800,00 €  

1903, oil/canvas/wood, 49 x 71,5 cm, lo. le. inscribed F. Overbeck F. Th. O.' - Literature: The painting is listed in the archive of the Overbeck museum in Bremen as 1903/5. - One of the most important German landscape painters of the turn of the century. O. studied 1889-93 at the Düsseldorf academy, among others under E. Dücker and P. Janssen. In 1894 he joined the Worpswede artist's colony the style and subjects of which he influenced decisively. In 1905 he left the artist's colony and moved to the nearby Bremen-Vegesack where he - after travelling widely - included motifs from Sylt and Switzerland to his repertoire. Mus.: Bremen (Modersohn-Mus., Kunsthalle), Hannover, Munich, Wroclaw a. others. Lit.: Thieme-Becker a. others.

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