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A Black-figured Kantharos with Dancing Komasts

A Black-figured Kantharos with Dancing Komasts

Lot-No. 706 | Hammer Price: 2.000,00 €

Attica/Boetia, mid 6th century B.C. Clay, turned and fired. A footed drinking vessel with raised loop handles, the wall painted all around with dancing komasts, the upper mouth with a double row of dots. Several repairs. Total height: 20.5 cm, dm. 23 cm (with handles), dm. 15.5 cm (without handles), dm. foot: 8,5 cm. - The depiction of dancing young men, so-called komast scenes, was very popular in the middle of the 6th century, especially in black-figure vase painting in Boetia and Attica; works by the so-called 'komast group', a group of artists in Attic vase painting, were in great demand and were exported not only to other regions of Greece, but also to central Italy. - Literature: On the type of Kantharos: Mulder, E., Boeotia, Land of the Kantharos, Leiden 2012; on the painting of the Komast group: Kilinski, Karl, The Boetian Dancers Group, AJA 82.2 (1978), 173-191. - Similar objects in the Antikensammlung, Berlin, the Archaeological Museum in Thebes and the collection of Yale University. - Provenance: Since 1970 in a North German private collection. -

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