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Georg Müller: Pondering Youth

Georg Müller (München 1880 - ebenda 1952)

Pondering Youth

Lot-No. 739 | Proceeds: 3.500,00 €

1920. Terracotta coloured cement, coloured through and imitating terracotta. On the top side of the plinth sign. and dat. 'GEORG MÜLLER MCMXX'. Slightly rest. H. 126 m. - Possibly corresponding with a female figure from 1918, also made of cement, now in the collection of the Neue Pinakothek in Munich. - Exhibition: The figure was exhibited for the first time at the Deutsche Kunstausstellung München, no. 1657, room no. 49. Probably identical to the one shown at the XXII Biennale in 1940 figure under the name 'Giovinotto in piedi'. - Literature: Cat. of the Deutsche Kunstausst. München 1930 im Glaspalast, no.1657, room no. 49, fig. 70 (here as 'Junger Mann', Engl. Cement'); Ingrid Raimer: Die Schönheit der Statischen Form. Zu den Figuren von Georg Müller, in: Die Kunst für alle: Malerei, Plastik, Graphik, Architektur (54. 1938-1939), pp. 76-82 (fig. p. 77 as 'Männliche Figur'). - Provenance: Since 1962 private collection Rhineland. - German sculptor, came to the USA with his parents at the age of 6, was a pupil of Mauch in Chicago and after his return to Munich with Wilhelm von Rümann, decorated the Edison Temple at the Paris World Exhibition in 1910, worked in the studio of Hermann Hahn in Munich from 1909-12, was a member of the Munich Secession and was awarded the Gold Medal of the Intern. Ausst. in Munich in 1913, was represented with several works at the Große Deutsche Kunstausst. 1937-1944/45, various works in bronze and cement in the collection of the Neue Pinakothek Munich, including the bronze bust of the composer Max Reger as well as architectural sculptures, for example the fountain on Possartplatz (now Shakespeareplatz) in Munich. Lit.: Thieme/Becker; Obituary in Weltkunst 1952/ no. 15. p. 9.

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