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Herkenrath (Köln 1900 - Mainz 1992) - Rose Chamber

Rose Chamber

Lot-Nr. 250 | Herkenrath (Köln 1900 - Mainz 1992)

Rose Chamber | Reserveprice 1.000 €

Oil/canvas, 90 x 100 cm, lo. le. sign. Herkenrath, on the revers inscribe 'R. Raum' as well as sign. again. - German painter a. graphic artist. After studying business he entered his father's textile company in 1923 but also studied painting as an autodidact. After the war he founded the 'Rheinische Künstlergemeinschaft'. In 1952 he became chairman of the 'Neue Rheinische Sezession'. He was awarded the Villa Romana prize in 1959, the same year his works featured the Documenta. In 1961 he was in the Villa Massimo in Rome a. became professor at the Karlsruhe academy. - Mus.: Hagen, Bergisch Gladbach.

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