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Eizan (1787 - 1867) - Hawk on a pine branch

Hawk on a pine branch

Lot-Nr. 554 | Eizan (1787 - 1867)

Hawk on a pine branch | Reserveprice 500 €

Beginning of 19th cent., woodcut in colours, 71,5 x 25 cm, lo. ri. sign. 'Kikukawa Eizan hitsu'. With passepartout. Partly traces of age.- designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese woodblock prints, first studied with his father, Eiji, a minor painter of the Kanō school, then studied with Suzuki Nanrei (1775-1844), an artist of the Shijō school, he is believed to have also studied with the ukiyo-e artist Totoya Hokkei (1790-1850), he produced numerous woodblock prints of beautiful women in the 1830s, but then abandoned printmaking in favor of painting. This artist should not be confused with Harukawa Eizan, a designer of ukiyo-e woodblock prints who was active in the 1790s.

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