Catalogue ArchiveFebruar 2013 → Mel Ramos (Sacramento/Kalifornien 1932) - Ariadne on the Panther

Mel Ramos (Sacramento/Kalifornien 1932) - Ariadne on the Panther

Ariadne on the Panther

Lot-Nr. 249 | Mel Ramos (Sacramento/Kalifornien 1932)

Ariadne on the Panther | Reserveprice 250 €

Offset in colours, 68 x 48 cm, lo. ri. handsign. Mel Ramos, unframed. - The work was inspired by the sculpture of the same name created in 1803 by the Stuttgart artist Johann Heinrich Dannecker. - American pop art artist, starting from comic figures he turned to paint pin-up girls combining them with consumer products, since the 1970s he created the so called "unfinished paintings" where he replaced the female figures in old master paintings by pin-up girls. - Mus.: New York (Guggenheim), Toronto, Darmstadt, Aachen a. others. - Lit.: Rosenblum "M.R., - Pop Art Images" (1995) a. others.

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