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Wang Su, sobriquet names Xiaomei and Xunzhi, was a native of Jiangsu. He studied painting with Bao Jitian when he was young, and also took after the style of Hua Yan. Wang was specially good at figures, animals, birds, flowers, insects and fishes. At the start of the Daoguang era (19th century), Wang ranked as one of the best painters of his time with Wei Xiaomian and Wang Yingxiang. Dissatisfied with his calligraphy, Wang would practice every morning by writing several hundred characters, and this continued until he was old. Wang was also a seal carver, but again, his fame as a painter overshadowed his other endeavours. Wang died aged eighty-four. For brief biographies, see Zhongguo Meishujia Renming Cidian, Shanghai Renmin Meishu Chubanshe, 1981, p.99 (Quelle: www.christies.com)


Su WANG (1794 - 1877)


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