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Thomas Sidney Cooper

One of the most important English animal painters from a family of artists. For economical reasons he made an apprenticeship as carriage painter before studying at the Royal academy in London in 1824 for a short period. By painting portraits of landlords he funded a trip to Brussels where he, inspired by E. Verboeckhoven, started painting animals. Back in London he developed into a sought-after painter who among others made friends with Gladstone a. Dickens a. whose work was admired by Turner. Mus.: London (Tate Gall., V&A Mus., Wallace Coll.), Cambridge (Fitzwilliam-Mus.), Birmingham, Canterbury, Manchester, Sheffield a. others. Lit.: Boetticher, Saur, Thieme-Becker, Bénézit a. others.

Resting Sheep and Cows

Thomas Sidney Cooper (Canterbury 1803 - Vernon Holme 1902), school of

Resting Sheep and Cows

Result € 1.000,00| Auction: April 2016 (04/2016)

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