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Eugen Bracht (Morges/CH 1842 - Darmstadt 1921, attr.) - Artist

German landscape a. orient painter of Swiss origin. B. studied 1859-61 at the Kunstschule Karlsruhe, the future academy, under L. Des Coudres a. J. W. Schirmer. At that time also he made friends with H. Thoma. After working as photographer a. wool merchant he studied again in Karlsruhe in 1877, this time under H. F. Gude. Subsequently he travelled the Orient the motifs of which gained him first public attention. He made a stellar career with many public commissions a. awards. He became member of several academies a. in 1901 was made professor in Dresden. Beginning with an academic historistic style he developed into a major exponent of naturalism a. impressionism. Mus.: Berlin (Nat. Gall.), Dresden (Gem.-Gal. Neuer Meister), Munich (Neue Pinakothek), Budapest (Nat. Gall.), Buenos Aires (Nat. Gall.) a. others. Lit.: Saur, Thieme-Becker, Vollmer, Bénézit a. others.

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Eugen Bracht (Morges/CH 1842 - Darmstadt 1921), attr.

Houses on Sylt

Proceeds : 1.400 €

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Catalog: April 2017 (04/2017)

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