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Adriaen Brouwer (Oudenaarde 1605 - Antwerpen 1638, follower) - Artist

Flemish painter and draughtsman. Little is known about B.'s training; in 1626/27 he was in Amsterdam and Haarlem, in 1631 he joined the Antwerp's St. Luke's guild. He is testified in Antwerp several times, mostly for his debts. B. began painting colourful figures and soon specialized in moralizing genre scenes, mostly in inns. In his later works he concentrated on the landscape, reducing figures to staffage. Mus.: Amsterdam (Rijksmus.), Paris (Louvre), Antwerp, Berlin, The Hague, Munich, Washington a. others. Lit.: AKL, Thieme-Becker, Bernt a. others.

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Adriaen Brouwer (Oudenaarde 1605 - Antwerpen 1638), follower

Boors playing Cards

Proceeds : 2.400 €

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Catalog: 8 May 2021: Art and Antiques (05/2021)

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