Künstlerverzeichnis - Schneider, Verreries

A Jardinière with rose decor

Verreries est. 1913 from Ernest und Charles Schneider

A Jardinière with rose decor | Hammer €

Épinay-sus-seine, around 1925. Colourless glass with spinklings, continous rosered relief decor, the flashing partially iridescent. Sign. With the 'berlingot tricolore'. H. 10 cm, W. 19 cm, D. 10 cm. - French glass manufactory. Founded 1913 in Epiny-sur-seine by the Schneider brothers, Ernest and Charles. Stilistically they belong to the 'Ecole de Nancy', at the beginning of the 1920s they created the famous collection 'Intercalaires', vases and bowls with spotted pattern. The production reached his peak between 1925 and 1930.