Künstlerverzeichnis - Seewald

An extraordinary Berlin wine cooler 'vintage'

Seewald (Arnswalde 1889 - München 1976)

An extraordinary Berlin wine cooler 'vintage' | Hammer €

Berlin, Royal manufactory, 1929. Painting designed by Richard Seewald, 1928. The body continouisly decorated with scenes of a vintage, inside wine tendril decoration. Gold rims. Manufactory mark, year stamp '∂' (=1929). H. 25,5 cm, diam. 43 cm. Comp.: Köllmann/Jarchow, Berliner Porzellan, 1987, ill. vol., fig. 341. - The painter and writer Richard Seewald (1889-1976), member of the 'Neue Sezession, became a popular illustrator in the 1920s, 1924 professorship at the 'Kölner Werkschulen' and later at the Academy in Munich.