Künstlerverzeichnis - Sottsass, Ettore

A table 'Vienna'

Sottsass, Ettore Innsbruck 1917 - Mailand 2007

A table 'Vienna' | Hammer €

Ash. Sign. 'Sottsass'. Executing: Polronova, Italy. H. 72 cm, 184 x 83,5 cm. - Architect, furniture and industrial designer, studied architecture until 1939 at the Turin Polytechnic, worked after the 2nd WK in the architecture group around G. Pagano, 1947 opening of ist own office, a design consultant for Olivetti from 1958, including the familiar typewriter 'Olivetti Valentine' in 1968. He subsequently became the leading exponent of the 'anti-design'. In 1981 he founded together with other designers, the design group 'Memphis', which was the epitome of the postmodern designs.