Künstlerverzeichnis - Frank Stella

A large bowl 'Fragment: Imaginary Places 1996'

Frank Stella (Malden 1936)

A large bowl 'Fragment: Imaginary Places 1996' | Hammer €

Rosenthal, 1996. Large bowl with polychrome abstract decoration, sign. 'Frank Stella'. Verso inscribed '04/99, Fragment: Imaginary Places 1996, Frank Stella'. Manufactory mark 'limitierte kunstreihen'. Diam. In original wooden box. 43,5 cm. - US-American painter and object artist, 1950-54 education in Andover, since the 1960s first solo exhibitions, his works represent the 'Analytical Painting' and 'Color Field Painting' movement, participation at the 'documenta 6' 1977, since the 1970s S. turns to sculptural works, also in the public sphere.