Künstlerverzeichnis - Heinrich Vogeler

Street Scenery in Kalusz

Heinrich Vogeler (Bremen 1872 - Kasachstan 1942)

Street Scenery in Kalusz | Hammer €

Oil/cardboard, 41,5 x 54 cm, sign. a. inscribed lo. ri. H. Vogeler Kalusz as well as dat. 1915, trimmed at the lower margin. - Notwithstanding his age of 42, Vogeler volunteered for military service at the outbreak of WW I., hoping to renew his life a. his art. In 1915 he served in a reconnaissance batallion that, starting from Romania, moved to Galicia a. eastwards. Instead of depicting hostilities he interested himself in the country a. its people, as shown in the peaceful street scenery in the galician Kalusz on the painting at hand. - Painter, graphic artist a. architect from the first generation of the Worpswede artist"s colony, the early phase of his creative career was influenced by art nouveau, after the disturbing experience of WW I he got enthusiastic about the ideals of the Russian Revolution, for the propagando of which he developed his so called "Komplexbilder", in 1931 he emigrated definitely to the Sowjet Union. - Mus.: Worpswede, Bremen (Kunsthalle), Dresden a. others. - Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Vollmer, Bénézit, Rief "H.V. - Das graphische Werk" (1983), Elze "H.V. - Buchgraphik. Das Werkverzeichnis 1895-1935" (1997), Stenzig "Worpswede-Moskau. Das Werk v. H.V." (1991) a. others.