Catalogue ArchiveNovember 2016 → Bruno Griesel (Jena 1960) - The Cup

Bruno Griesel (Jena 1960) - The Cup

The Cup

Lot-Nr. 301 | Bruno Griesel (Jena 1960)

The Cup | Reserveprice 6.800 €

Oil/canvas, 70,5 x 100 cm, lo. ri. sign. a. dat. B. Griesel 2012, unframed. - German painter, draughtsman a. graphic artist. G. studied 1981-86 at the Leipzig Hochschule für Graphik u. Buchkunst, among others as master student of B. Heisig. G. is an exponent of the famous Neue Leipziger Schule. He exhibited not only in Europa but also on important fairs in New York a. Miami.

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