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Dalí (Figueres 1904 - Figueres 1989) - La Ville Odorante

La Ville Odorante

Lot-Nr. 187 | Dalí (Figueres 1904 - Figueres 1989)

La Ville Odorante | Reserveprice 2.800 €

1973, etching/parchment, 51 x 36 cm, lo. ri. autographed Dalí, lo. le. num. 53/150, matted a. framed under glass, uninspected out of frame. - From the series 'Roi, je t'attends à Babylone'. - Cat. rais.: Michler/Löpsinger 601. - Multitalented spanish artist, main exponent of surrealism. He studied at the Madrid Academy a. was initially influenced by the 'pittura metafisica' of de Chirico a. Carrà. During a Paris trip in 1929 he affiliated at the surrealist A. Breton. Freuds theories of interpretation of dreams fostered D.s inclinattion to the fantastac a. surreal. Some of his motifs are among the most famous a. popular creations of modern art. - Mus.: Figueres, St. Petersburg (Florida), Zürich a. others. - Lit.: Etherington-Smith, Salber, Schiebler, Michler/Löpsinger 'S.D. - Catalogue raisoné of etchings and mixed-media prints, 1924-1980' (1994) a. others.

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